FAQ - Guarantee

  What guarantee do you offer?
Our products are 100% compatible with the specified Stratasys printers. Their properties are comparable to the original material, which enables you to use our products the same way as the original material. Nevertheless, should you face difficulties or if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, please contact us immediately and we will take care of your problem.
  Does the usage of iSQUARED materials affect the warranty agreements of my 3D printer?
No, as regulated by EU law, your warranty claim remains unaffected by using iSQUARED materials. Moreover, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act restricts all printer OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including Stratasys, from demanding anyone to use their branded materials. Thus, they can not bind the retainment of your warranty to the exclusive use of branded parts/materials. It is illegal for a company to refuse warranty work due to the use of third party products. Both Stratasys’ old, and especially their new, chips will try to deter you from using our generic product. They legally can not restrict you by voiding their warranty. Moreover, a lot of our customers also have a NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) to ensure that no Company Confidential Information is disseminated externally . If you have such a contract, it is not allowed for the OEM service technican to report to his company which materials you are using in your machine.
  Is the use of iSQUARED materials verifiable at a later stage?
No, the use of iSQUARED materials is not verifiable.
  How can I be sure that the iSQUARED material is compatible with my printer?
We own a wide range of Stratasys printers for our material development. Each product which comes to market is tested intensively beforehand over a long period of time on our own printers and on several printers from our selected partners to ensure the highest quality and compatibility. If you order iSQUARED material and you are not completely satisfied we guarantee a 100% money-back-guarantee.
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