Why refill materials

Why refill materials

We are your Refill Material Market Place - cost effective & reliable


Advantages of using refill materials

Refill materials offer significant cost-savings for both companies and their customers. The biggest advantage for customers when selecting refill materials is still the price. Refill materials are much more cost-effective than original materials but you can also profit from cost savings related to storage and transportation costs.

By refilling containers with third party materials, customers can eliminate the need for storing empty containers, which frees up not only storage space, but also cuts down on associated costs for sending empty containers back to the manufacturer or to dispose of them responsibly.

At iSQUARED, we also use environmentally friendly cardboard packaging for our PolyJet cartridges. This not only reduces the overall waste generated from plastic containers but also helps to reduce the environmental impact of printing materials. Cardboard is a renewable resource which means that it will naturally decompose over time and be absorbed back into the natural environment without leaving any toxins. Using refill materials is a great way to save money while also helping the environment.

Stratasys Printer refill materials from iSQUARED

3D printing refill material that convinces. We offer cost-efficient 3D printing materials for Stratasys 3D printers developed in-house, cutting down production times for a wide range of applications. Our materials are designed to meet the highest standards, offering reliable performance and consistent results with fast turnaround times.

Price savings of up to 60% compared to the original manufacturer

No printer upgrades required to use iSQUARED refill material

Guaranteed compatibility with Stratasys 3D printers

Highest quality standards due to manufacturing in Germany and Switzerland

Assured product quality through intensive testing by partners and customers

The right material for every application. Customized material development  even for small purchase quantities by our in-house team of chemists and developers

Easy handling. Our PolyJet cartridges can be used in the Stratasys PolyJet printer just like the original cartridges. Even the FDM spools can be installed in the original cartridges and used in the Stratasys printer without much effort and expertise. 

Would you like to talk to an expert about the different 3D printing materials and their areas of application? We are happy to be there for you. It might also be interesting for you to see what our customers say about our materials.

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We embrace our responsibility as manufacturer

Our PolyJet material is supplied in environmentally friendly and robust cardboard cartridges. Our FDM spools come without cassettes because we rely on the reuse of the original Stratasys cassettes, which can be easily opened and filled with our spools. No more hassle of storing and sending back the cassettes saving money and time. Watch the video to see how you can change the spool yourself without much effort or how to insert our PolyJet cartridges in your Stratasys printer.

In addition, we offer to return used iSQUARED chips and spools to us, because we  re-use 100% of the returned items. Please contact our team for this purpose.