Why used 3D printers

Why used 3D printers

We offer a wide selection of used Stratasys 3d printers to suit any application and budget


Used 3D printers can be the ideal solution

For many companies, new Stratasys 3D printers are simply too expensive or there is uncertainty that the printer will not achieve the winning benefit for its price. iSQUARED therefore offers fully functional, used Stratasys printers for every budget helping businesses to save money while getting access to the same powerful 3D printing capabilities.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the 3D printing industry and can provide valuable insights into the capabilities and features of different machines. We understand that selecting the right printer can be a complex process, given the range of technologies and models available, and we strive to make the decision easier for you. Whether you're looking for a machine that can produce high-resolution models, handle large-scale printing projects, or work with flexible materials, we can recommend suitable options based on your requirements. We can also help you identify printers that align with your sustainability objectives or budget constraints.


What the purchase of a refurbished 3D printer can offer

Cost savings

The cost advantages of used 3D printers over new ones are substantial. This makes them an attractive option for companies with lower budgets to start using 3D printers, or to purchase a secondary machine for other applications.

Environmental protection

Every refurbished device helps to protect the environment. By refurbishing the 3D printer less electrical waste is generated. Refurbished electrical devices can also help reduce the demand for the production of new electronic products, saving energy and resources in the process.

Try out technology

Refurbished 3D printers provide an economical way for users to test out different technologies and features to discern which ones best suit their needs,reduce the risk of having invested a large amount of money, if the printer is not the right solution for the company.


Why many companies are afraid to buy a used 3D printer

Outdated Software

The older an electronic device is, the higher the probability that it does not have the latest software or that an update to the latest software is no longer possible.

No Warranty

Most used devices are no longer covered by warranty or are excluded from return, which leads to a higher risk when buying expensive devices.

Unknown history

Without an assured and transparent remanufacturing process, the buyer faces a higher risk of post-purchase problems.

Buy used 3D printers at iSQUARED - safe and transparent

We at iSQUARED are aware that every costly purchase for companies carries a certain risk and therefore want to be a trustworthy and competent partner for our customers. Buying a used Stratasys 3D printer from us means firstly receiving professional advice on which device is best suited to the respective applications, secondly help with installation and instruction, thirdly receiving benefits such as warranty and finally we are also available as a service partner after the purchase.

Refurbishing process

Before we offer a used 3D printer for sale, it passes through a fixed and extensive service program to ensure the faultless functioning of the printer.

Top Condition Guarantee

Due to our rigorous refurbishment process, our 3D printers are in perfect condition. In order to have full cost security for future repairs, you can gladly conclude a maintenance contract in our house, in order to be able to plan spare part costs as well as further repair costs already in the apron exactly.



With us, you will not experience any unwanted surprises. You can contact us at any time to get documented data for all used 3d printers in our portfolio.

Technical service

Whether you have a technical question about your Stratasys 3D printer after purchase or need on-site support, we are here to help. In addition, we offer various service options - from one-time repairs to complete service contracts such as continuous annual maintenance.

iSQUARED provides you with everything from a single source.


Sell your used Stratasys 3D printer to iSQUARED

If 3D printers are starting to become outdated, iSQUARED can help you get the most out of your investment. We will assess the value of your printer and offer you a fair price based on condition, model, and printing hours, among other factors. If the 3D printer is not suitable for complete refurbishment and resale, we can still usually recover individual parts for reuse or recycle the printer responsibly.

3D Printer Refurbishment Process


1. Arrival at our Service Center

The purchased 3D printers are sent to our service center where all used machines are checked by our service technicians.

2. Condition check and refurbishing

Here, defective spare parts are replaced, consumables are exchanged, data is read out and a complete PM maintenance is carried out.

3. Extensive print test

After the maintenance the 3D printer prints a minimum 12-hour print test to ensure proper use of the printer for our customers.

4. Inclusion in our portfolio

After the overhaul and successful print test, the 3D printer is added to our used machine portfolio and is ready for sale. For this purpose, the printer is completely cleaned and securely packaged. In case of overseas shipment, the printer will be additionally shrink-wrapped to avoid damage.


5. Sale, installation and instruction

If you buy a used 3D printer from us, we will gladly offer to install your system on site and train your team as a service. We can also provide all the necessary accessories, spare parts and materials for your printer. You can also download the necessary installation requirements as pdf in advance in our onlineshop.

6. Reliable partner on your site

You get everything from one source at iSQUARED even after the purchase. Whether you need consumables or service. Whether you hire a new employee who needs training on the system or whether you want to expand. iSQUARED remains a reliable partner at your side.