SL Resins compatible with Formlabs printers


Compatible with Formlabs 3D Printers: Enhancing 3D Printing Quality and Cost-Efficiency

Stereolithography is a popular 3D printing technology known for its high precision and surface finish. SLA printers are working with liquid resins that cure under ultraviolet light, creating solid objects. The versatility, precision, and the material properties of SLA materials make them a preferred choice for industries ranging from product design and engineering to healthcare and jewelry manufacturing.

The choice of SLA materials plays a crucial role in the quality and characteristics of the final printed objects. We provide high-quality SLA material alternatives at competitive prices, offering up to 25% cost savings, and ensuring seamless compatibility with SLA printers from Formlabs. iSQUARED SL resins in the colors white, grey, black and clear are crafted to surpass industry benchmarks, guaranteeing outstanding quality, precision, and uniformity. With pride we can say that especially our white and clear material has an outstanding color tone. Leveraging our proficiency in material development, we empower businesses to reach their objectives swiftly and effectively, equipping them with a competitive advantage in their specific industries.

SL resin clear_komprimiert

SL Resin Clear

SL resin white_komprimiert

SL Resin White

SL resin grey_komprimiert

SL Resin Grey

SL resin black_komprimiert

SL Resin Black

100% Compatibility

Our SL Resins can be used in all Formlabs 3D printers previous to Form 4 - Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, Form 3B+, Form 3L, Form 3BL. The alternative refill materials are developed to be used without any adjustments on your printer. They can be loaded as known from the original cartridges. Available resins in the colors White, Clear, Grey, Black.