Stratasys PolyJet Materials

Stratasys PolyJet Material

Stratasys PolyJet material alternative

The photopolymers used in PolyJet technology are frequently used for components with high visual appeal. The smooth surface finish and the ability to create intricate shapes and colors make PolyJet photopolymers ideal for prototyping and simulating end products. Additionally, the PolyJet materials are versatile, enabling the creation of parts with different degrees of hardness or flexibility within a single job.

In addition, PolyJet materials are used in various industries beyond product design and development. In the medical field, PolyJet materials are used for creating highly accurate anatomical models for surgical planning and training. These models help surgeons to visualize complex procedures and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, PolyJet materials are used in the production of manufacturing tools and assembly devices, where the ability to create custom parts with exceptional quality and detail is crucial. 

PolyJet materials from iSQUARED - Maximizing efficiency and cost savings

Our premium PolyJet materials provide a reliable and efficient solution that can significantly expedite time-to-market for businesses. We offer top-quality materials that are competitively priced with up to 60% cost savings and guaranteed compatibility with Stratasys PolyJet printers, without the need for printer upgrades. Our PolyJet materials are designed to meet the highest industry standards, delivering exceptional quality, accuracy, and consistency. With our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and expertise in material science, we can help businesses achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, providing them with a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Easily use iSQUARED PolyJet materials in your Stratasys PolyJet printer

Our tutorial shows how to load the iSQUARED PolyJet cartridge into the Stratasys printer without the need of upgrades on your printer.

IORA Material

Our comparable product line to Vero, called IORA, offers like the Stratasys Vero materials very good detail accuracy combined with a smooth surface finish. IORA materials can be mixed together, allowing a variety of colors and gradients to be created on multi-material printers. IORA materials are therefore perfect for prototypes and tooling.

IORA Model Clear Material

Stratasys VeroClear material is comparable with our IORA Model Clear, which is a transparent PolyJet photopolymer. It offers excellent surface detail, dimensional stability, and mechanical performance, making it an ideal choice for creating highly transparent parts for various industrial applications.

Flexible Materials

Agilus30 and TangoPlus from Stratasys are flexible PolyJet materials used to produce rubber-like parts. Our material alternative IORA Model Flex combines the properties of both materials and is therefore ideal for rubber-like components such as seals, sheathings, and handles.

PolyJet Support Materials

In order to be able to print PolyJet components ideally according to your requirements, we offer an alternative to the proven gel-like support material SUP705 from Stratasys, which is removed mechanically from the component by hand or water jet. This is called IORA Support.