ASA - FDM Thermoplastic

ASA material properties

ASA (acrylate styrene acrylonitrile) is a popular thermoplastic 3D printing material known for its durability and UV resistance. ASA offers similar properties to ABS, but also has high resistance to discoloration from prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV.

One of the advantages of ASA is its stability and toughness. This makes it ideal for printing functional parts and prototypes that must withstand harsh environments and elevated temperatures. ASA also has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense. Another advantage of ASA is its dimensional stability, which ensures that printed parts retain their shape and structure over time. This makes it an excellent material for manufacturing large parts or components that require high precision.


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ASA Applications


Tool Manufacturing

Mass Production

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You can use our ASA materials not only with Stratasys Fortus printers, but additionally with Stratasys Dimension, Stratasys uPrint and HP Designjet 3D printers.