ABS-ESD - FDM Thermoplastic

ABS-ESD material properties

ABS-ESD is a thermoplastic made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which has been mixed with special additives to give it electrostatic dissipative properties. ESD stands for Electro Static Dissipative. By combining ABS plastic with conductive materials such as carbon fibers or special carbon black, static dissipative properties can be achieved. ABS-ESD filament is therefore used wherever ESD-sensitive components are used. It is ideal for applications that require protection of electronic devices from static discharge, such as jigs, fixtures and enclosures. The material is extremely durable and can withstand relatively high temperatures and shock.

Overall, ABS ESD material offers exceptional value to manufacturers who require reliable ESD protection for their products. Due to its durable properties, ease of use, and compatibility with standard 3D printers, this material is an excellent solution for engineers, designers, and manufacturers looking to protect their sensitive electronics from static discharge.


Good to know

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ABS-ESD Applications

Prototyping in the electrical industry

Tools with electronically dissipative properties

Jigs and fixtures for electro sensitive products

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Did you know?

ABS-ESD can also be used to print unique and visually striking 3D models that have a distinctly glossy, deep black surface. The resulting parts are not only visually appealing, but also robust, impact-resistant and temperature-resistant, making them ideal for many applications. With ABS-ESD, you can produce impressive and functional parts that stand out while providing ESD protection.