ABS-CF - FDM Thermoplastic

ABS-CF material properties

ABS-CF is an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) filled with short carbon fibers.
Its exceptional properties are made possible by the fine distribution of carbon fibers in an ABS matrix. Via the careful incorporation of specially selected fiber types, we are able to prevent nozzle clogging, as is often seen with inferior products.

One of the main advantages of ABS-CF is its high specific stiffness, which makes it an excellent material for manufacturing lightweight yet very durable parts. This is due to its filling with carbon fibers, which provide exceptional strength and stiffness while giving the finished product a unique aesthetic. ABS-CF also has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than conventional ABS, making it ideal for applications requiring increased dimensional stability.

In addition, it is very easy to process, allowing users to create finely detailed and visually as well as haptically appealing parts with ease.


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ABS-CF Applications


Jigs and fixtures

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Did you know?

Even though ABS-CF material has high dimensional stability due to the carbon fibres, you should not use it for thin-walled components below 2mm wall thickness. If you want your component to have high strength, it is better to use PC-ABS because the material has the highest impact strenghts of all FDM plastics.