IORA Vivid

IORA Vivid - Photopolymer

IORA Vivid material properties

IORA Vivid is a family of 3D printing materials that offers exceptionally vibrant, impressive colors. All VeroVivid colors from Stratasys can be replaced with the corresponding IORA Model Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Vivid materials.

IORA Vivid resins are known for their detail, versatility and excellent surface finish, making them ideal for producing high-quality models and parts with vibrant colors. They are easy to rework, which brings out their high transparency and color brilliance.

By using IORA Vivid, it is possible to choose exactly the right variant for the project from over 500,000 colors. The exceptional color accuracy of the material ensures that the printed parts have excellent color consistency.


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Vero Vivid Applications


Pantone color simulation

Medical components

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