Wash out station FDM

Wash out station FDM

Save valuable time during post-processing of 3D printed FDM parts with so called wash stations. Remove the support material from the printed part easily and without manual effort. To do this, simply immerse the component in the basket of the wash station filled with lye solution and remove it again after loosening the support material.

To extend the service life of the cleaning solution, it is advisable to manually remove detachable support material areas before immersing the print part in the caustic solution. After a certain time, the cleaning performance of the lye solution used in the washing station ends. Then the saturated caustic solution is collected in a container and disposed of separately.

We offer various used wash stations, e.g. SCA3600 or SCA1200, suitable for your 3D printer. Contact us for more information. We will be happy to advise you which wash station is the best solution for your application or procure non-stock equipment for you.


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