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Our IORA Model Peach materials are compatible with the VeroDent (MED670) and VeroDentPlus (MED690). They are reliable and versatile dental 3D printing materials that offer a range of benefits for users in the dental industry. Whether you're a dentist, orthodontist, or researcher, these materials are an excellent choice if you need to create dental models and appliances with exceptional accuracy. Their chemical resistance also makes them resistant to various solvents and chemicals.

Like the VeroDentPlus our IORA Model Peach 690 offers a dark beige tone while the VeroDent and IORA Model Peach 670 are in a gum tone.


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You can save up to 60% with our PolyJet materials compared to the OEM!


Dental Material Applications

Denture Prototypes

Presentation Models

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Did you know?

The VeroDent MED670 and VeroDentPlus MED690 from Stratasys are not biocompatible and should be used for prototyping or non-medical applications only. Like the Stratasys materials our IORA Model Peach materials isn't biocompatible.