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The Stratasys Objet Eden500V is a state-of-the-art 3D printer that offers a wide range of application possibilities. With its advanced features and proven PolyJet technology, the Objet Eden500V is a reliable tool for professional 3D printing applications.

The technology of the Stratasys Objet Eden500V is based on the PolyJet process, which delivers highly accurate results with exceptional surface quality. It is possible to print models with a layer thickness of 30 µm or 16 µm. This gives you the choice between maximum resolution or maximum speed. In both modes, PolyJet technology allows you to print intricate models with fine details.

With the enlarged 490 x 490 x 200 mm building tray, the Objet Eden500V allows you to create an even greater variety of complex and detailed models in a single print session, saving time and effort.

Operation of the Stratasys Objet Eden500V is simple and user-friendly. With the free GrabCAD software, you can easily prepare your models and monitor the printing process.

Solid photopolymers in the colors white, black, gray, blue and transparent are available as model materials in 3.6kg cartridges. In addition, the machine can print flexible and dental model materials. Four material trays are installed, and the machine automatically switches from an empty to a full cartridge. This enables even longer unattended printing.

The machine works with the gel-like support material SUP705. To dissolve this optimally, a WaterJet washout station is recommended. We can offer you this together with the printer.

The Stratasys Objet Eden500V can be installed anywhere and does not require any special set-up conditions. No special ventilation is required because Stratasys PolyJet systems do not emit harmful fumes, dust or other chemicals into your environment. For detailed information, you can view the deposited site preparation guide.

Overall, the Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D printer offers an impressive combination of performance, precision, and versatility. Whether you’re prototyping, printing complex models, or producing detailed short runs, this printer delivers outstanding results and allows you to bring your creative ideas to life.

This printer is part of the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program.

Certified Pre-Owned 3D printers are used 3D printers that have been fully refurbished, serviced, and then verified through a 24-hour test print by our experts. Additionally, we can provide you with all the accessories and consumables, tailored to your purchased 3D printer, from a single source.

This means that you take no risks with your purchase.

Learn more about the CPO program

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