Print Service

We are happy to support your project with our printing service. If you are interested, please feel free to send us an inquiry via the contact button. We will contact you after by phone to discuss your project regarding the right process and material. At the same time, you will receive technical advice on the components and an inspection of your print model.

Your advantages:

  • We have a wide range of knowledge regarding the available 3D printing materials and technologies due to our own material development
  • We optimize together your components for the 3D printing process
  • We support you in the design of your components
  • We advise you on the right printing technology and the appropriate material for your printed part
  • We support you with the ROI calculation
  • We offer full cost security
  • Thanks to our large machine park, we can also handle urgent print jobs at short notice in most cases


Whether it's a one-time print job or a long-term collaboration, we are the right partner for your print projects. Send us an inquiry now and we will get back to you immediately by phone.



Please contact us! We are pleased to assist you!



Printing service with a difference - from the planning stage to the finished printed part, we are at your side throughout the entire process and guarantee security and commitment. We know how important binding cost planning is and we therefore offer full cost certainty.

In the first step, we discuss the requirements for your printed part together and then select the appropriate process and material. If necessary, we optimize your CAD model together in terms of material consumption and time required to keep costs as low as possible. We prevent unpleasant surprises with our design inspection. In this way, undesirable surfaces or brittle components and high costs can be avoided afterwards.

We have years of experience in 3D printing and have a large network of partners in the 3D printing industry, which means that just about any printing project can be realized with our help. Our large machine park also allows us to create printed parts quickly and without major delays. Contact us now and get advice from our experts!



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