Unlocking Service


Unlocking Service 

You have not been able to print all available materials on your machine so far, but now you have opened up further application areas and need the possibility to process additional materials?

Get unlimited access to all the materials your Fortus 3D printer can process! We unlock the required material licenses in no time at all, easily and at attractive prices. Whether Fortus 360mc, Fortus 400mc, Fortus 380mc, Fortus 450mc or Fortus 900mc - Use the full potential of your 3D printer now and expand your material options with our Unlocking Service. Contact us for more information!

After unlocking, you can also take advantage of our iSQUARED material for Fortus series, which is up to 50% cheaper than the original manufacturer.


Machine Upgrade

Use all layer thicknesses of the Fortus 250mc also on your Dimension SST1200es and Dimension BST1200es printer. Upgrading your machine to a Fortus 250mc will not only give you access to the different layer thicknesses of the Fortus 250mc (0.178, 0.254, 0.330 mm (0.007, 0.010, 0.013 inches)) to print your parts in higher resolution and with improved surface quality, but also allow you to use more options in the Insight software. Moreover there will be a switch from the P400SR support material to the SR30 support material.

Upgrade your Fortus 360mc to a Fortus 400mc Classic to be able to process Ultem materials. Take also advantage of the upgrade from the small build volume to the large build volume of the Fortus 400mc (406 x 355 x 406 mm), which allows you to print bigger 3D models.






Please contact us! We are pleased to assist you!

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