FDM Thermoplastics


High quality FDM material alternatives for Stratasys 3D printers


With savings of up to 50% and the assurance of 100% compatibility, our FDM 3D printing materials are an affordable and reliable alternative to Stratasys FDM consumables.

Our ABS X-TREME X130 is suitable for the use in the 3D printers listed below and is comparable to the following original materials: ABS-P400, ABSplus-P430 and ABS-M30. In addition, our FDM portfolio includes compatible alternatives for ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010, ABS-ESD7, ASA, PC, and PC-ABS products, as well as Stratasys support materials SR-30 and P400-SR.

Our FDM spools can easily be inserted into the reusable Stratasys cassettes following our simple self-installation tutorial. This not only enables us to offer competitive prices, but also reduces the environmental impact through our products. We appreciate your support by returning empty material spools to us as part of our recycling program. Our FDM portfolio includes a wide range of different materials and colors. If you require special colors or material properties, we will be glad to realize them for your individual application as part of our custom material development. For more information, please refer to the section of your Stratasys FDM 3D printer.


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