Stereolithography - SLA

SOMOS Stereolithography materials

SOMOS Stereolithography materials for high demands on accuracy, detailing and surface quality


More than 20 years of experience in additive manufacturing and stereolithography enable us to offer you the best possible advice as well as customized solutions for your applications in all matters!

As a technical sales partner of Covestro Additive Manufacturing (formerly DSM), we provide our customers with a wide range of consumables of the proven SOMOS product line including complete application support. In addition, we offer comprehensive technical support for stereolithography machines of 3D Systems (SLA 3500/5000/7000/SLA Viper Si2), including repairs, maintenance contracts, spare parts deliveries and laser refurbishments. We are also happy to assist you in selecting the right SLA printer for your requirements and remain a reliable service partner afterwards. Please have look in our "used 3D Systems SLA printers" category and contact us for further details!



The following SOMOS products are available:


  • Somos 9120
  • Somos BioClear
  • Somos DMX SL-100
  • Somos Element
  • Somos EvoLVe 128
  • Somos GP Plus 14122
  • Somos Momentum
  • Somos NeXt
  • Somos PerFORM
  • Somos PerFORM Reflect
  • Somos ProtoGen 18420
  • Somos ProtoTherm 12120
  • Somos Taurus
  • Somos WaterClear Ultra 10122
  • Somos WaterShed Black
  • Somos WaterShed XC 11122





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