Spare Parts

For Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D Printers


In addition to the development and production of high-quality and affordable FDM and PolyJet materials, our concept includes the development of our own process-relevant and cost-efficient spare parts for Stratasys FDM and Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers. Due to our great machine park and our extensive network of partners, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of new as well as refurbished spare parts for Stratasys 3D printers at a preferential price. A range of accessories and spare parts can be found here in our online stop. Tips, build sheets, brushes, print heads and more! Click on the printer series below to see an overview of available spare parts for your Stratasys 3D printer.





Are you looking for a specific spare part?

We offer a special "iSQUARED-Spare-Parts-Service" to existing customers. This service is available to all our customers with a total order volume of at least 750,- EUR within the last 12 months. Do you already use iSQUARED material for your printer? Then you can get access to an assortment of over 10.000 spare parts for your machine. If you can’t find the required spare part in our onlineshop, just contact us with detailed information like part number, pictures etc. and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


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