FAQ - Technical Questions

 In how far do your materials differ from OEM products in regard to their technical properties?
iSQUARED materials have similar technical properties compared to their OEM counterparts. For more details, please have a look in the data sheets next to the respective product in our online shop or contact us. 
 How to insert PolyJet cartridges of iSQUARED into our 3D printer?
You can find video instructions on how to insert the 3,6kg and 1,0kg test material cartridges into your PolyJet printer in our video section. If you use 2kg cartridges, please contact us to get the user manual.
 Some of your Objet spare parts have a “(all v2)“ in their titles, what does this mean?
The affix “(all v2)“ refers to the version number of an Objet printer. If the affix “(all v2)“ is mentioned in a spare part’s name, this spare part is only compatible up to version “v2“ of the respective printer. If there is no version number mentioned in the name, the spare part is compatible to all printer versions.
 Some of your spare parts have a “(refurbished, exchange part)“ in their names, what does this mean?
“Refurbished” refers to the condition of a spare part which has been previously used in a 3D printer. Afterwards, the spare part has been refurbished extensively. "Exchange" refers to the customer paying a deposit, returning the old part, and receiving the deposit back after the part arrives at our Distribution Centre.
 How can I install the FDM material?
Our material is available in two different options, either in a filament spool (as used by the original manufacturer), or for DIY conversion. You can find a tutorial for inserting the spool into the cassette (DIY conversion) in our video section.
 Is it necessary to adapt the machine in order to use ABS X-TREME material?
No, there are no adaptations necessary for the machine’s hardware or software.
 Where can I find product manuals for iSQUARED products?
You can find the product manual for each product in our online store next to the respective product. For further details please contact us.
 I want to download the latest software version of my printer. Where can I get it?
Please contact us with the data of your printer and we will come back to you with an offer and further information as soon as possible.
 How do I know which nozzle I need?
If you have a Dimension/uPrint/ HP series printer, you can’t select between different nozzles. You need to order the standard model nozzle T16 and the standard support nozzle T16 P400SR or T16 SR30 (depending on the support material you use). If you have a Fortus series printer you can choose between different nozzles. The larger the diameter the rougher the surface structure and the shorter the printing time. The smaller the nozzle diameter the finer the layer and the longer the printing time. Fine T12 -> T16 ->T20 -> T40 rough.
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