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FAQ - Product related PolyJet

 How should I store iSQUARED PolyJet materials?
All iSQUARED PolyJet materials are packed safely before shipping and need to get stored in a dry environment at room temperature. Do not expose the material to heat sources or direct sunlight.
  Is it possible to extract the remaining content of a depleted Objet cartridge of iSQUARED and fill it into a new cartridge?
We strongly advise against refilling a new Objet cartridge with remaining content of a depleted cartridge as this can lead to malfunctions with your machine.
 Is it possible to mix Stratasys material with iSQUARED material, e.g. to use Stratasys support material and iSQUARED model material?
Yes, this is possible.
 What is the difference between your SUP705 and SUP706 support material?
Our iSQUARED material is comparable to the SUP705 of Stratasys. By default, the SUP705 chip is supplied with the cartridges. However, if you are currently printing SUP706, please let us know and you will receive a SUP706 chip with our IORA support material. Please note, that we do not offer a separate SUP706 support material.
When using the SUP705 support material, the machines print a fine support grid of model material into the support material. This procedure provides higher strength and stability, but this grid of model material does not dissolve in a caustic bath. The print part must be cleaned of the support material manually or with a cleaning station (Waterjet). When using the SUP706 support material, the machine does not print such a grid; instead, very fine dots of model material are imprinted in the support material, which lie like balls in the gel-like support material. This means that the support force is not as high as with SUP705, but the material is more soluble. The printed part can be cleaned either manually or in a caustic bath.
 Why is the selection of PolyJet chips not possible in the ordering process?
Because the chip is already included. If you order PolyJet model material the chips will be automatically supplied with the cartridge. If you order support material we deliver the SUP705 by default. If you print with 706 support, just write us a short note and we will send you the chip for SUP706.
 Does iSQUARED PolyJet cartridge contain less material? It seems that they are lighter than the original one.
Our PolyJet materials are packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes rather than plastic cases, which makes the iSQUARED cartridges slightly lighter than those of the OEM. To balance the weight, you will get additional aluminium weights which we send new customers for free with their first order. However, the quantity of material is always 3,6kg per cartridge. You can find a video instruction on how to use the reusable aluminium weights in our video section.
 Are iSQUARED PolyJet materials suitable for medical applications?
Our IORA materials are not biocompatible. However, only the MED610, VeroGlaze MED620 and MED625FLX of the original manufacturer are bio-certified. The MED670 and MED690 are not bio-certified and are therefore comparable to our IORA Model Peach material, which can be processed perfectly with our MED670 or MED690 chips. For further details please have a look at our data sheets next to the respective product or contact us.
 What do you recommend for the disposal of PolyJet containers, expired PolyJet materials and PolyJet waste? Do you have any disposal program?
Please contact our sales team to get detailed information.
 There is a best-before date on the IORA cartridge. Can the material still be used beyond this date?
No, the material is not to be used beyond the best-before date. Using material after the expiration date may cause irreparable damage to the machine, especially to the print heads.
 Can I order the 1kg test cartridge as an smaller alternative to the 3,6kg cartridge?
No, the 1kg test cartridge is only availabe for new customers, who use our IORA material for the first time. For all other customers we are offering the 3,6kg material.
 I have ordered and loaded IORA Model Blue/Black/Gray material in my printer. Why does my printer show that white model material is in use?
The iSQUARED IORA Model Blue, Black and Gray cartridges are delivered by default with a VeroWhite chip. The advantage for you as a customer is that you can also print the colors blue, black and gray with a machine that can actually only print white, such as the Alaris 30. Furthermore, you do not have to run a wizard when changing colors, which unnecessarily consumes material for the rinsing process, which in turn not only saves you time but also money.
 My PolyJet print part seems not completely hardened. What should I do?
Please check your UV lamp assembly and run afterwards the UV calibration wizard under Options menu > Wizards. If the problem occurs again, please contact us directly.
 The quality of my PolyJet print part is poor. What should I do?
Try first to clean the print heads and run a pattern test afterwards to check whether your print heads are still in a good condition. If the problem occurs again, please contact us directly.
 Does your PolyJet products come with an expiry date? If so how long is it?
Our PolyJet materials have a shelf life of at least 18 months from date of production. Normally, no products leave our warehouse under a minimum shelf life of 12 months.
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