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iSQUARED is a young and dynamic company in the expanding 3D printing industry with its headquarter in Switzerland and locations in Germany. Our holistic concept includes the development and distribution of the largest selection of alternative FDM (fused deposition modeling) and PolyJet materials for Stratasys 3D printers. Our portfolio is complemented by our professional repair and maintenance service, the purchase and sale of used Stratasys printers as well as the consulting, service and distribution of consumables in the field of Stereolithography (SLA). In addition we offer the unlocking of material licenses on Stratasys Fortus 3D printers as well as a printing service with materials developed and produced in-house.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of 3D printing materials, we are also a reliable partner for customized material developments for your special applications. We realize your projects by developing exclusive materials tailored to your requirements. The backbone of our high-quality products is our team of specialists and scientists who develop and manufacture our products in our factories in Germany and Switzerland.

In addition, we are supported by numerous business partners in over 50 countries. This enables us to respond directly to the individual needs of our customers by creating solid points of reference in their home countries. Our customers come from all over the world and are market leaders in well-known industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical technology, engineering, research and development, etc.

Founded in 2009 by our CEO Jan-Michael Stepper, iSQUARED is a fast-growing company with a young team committed to advancing 3D printing with our cost-effective innovations for the 3D printing industry.


iSQUARED headquarter


FDM material


iSQUARED FDM 3D printing materials are an affordable and reliable alternative to Stratasys FDM consumables. Our FDM materials are up to 50% cheaper than the OEM and 100% compatible with the following Stratasys 3D printers:

Our ABS X-TREME X130 has similar properties to the OEM Stratasys material, such as ABS-P400, ABSplus-P430 and ABS-M30. Furthermore, we have developed compatible alternatives for Stratasys ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010, ASA, PC, PC-ABS, ABS-ESD7 as well as for Stratasys SR30 and P400SR support material. By relying on a simple self-installation process of the spool into the reusable cassette, we are not only able to ensure competitive prices, but also reduce the environmental impact of our product. While our FDM material spools are available in a wide range of colors, we are also happy to work with you on a custom color order for your individual application. For further details please refer to the FDM Thermoplastics category and select your Stratasys 3D printer type.


PolyJet material


We are incredibly proud of our flagship-product: our PolyJet material series called IORA. With savings of up to 60%, the IORA material can be used in all Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers such as:

With the IORA materials, iSQUARED provides you with a reliable and efficient alternative to the Stratasys Vero material family, such as VeroClear, VeroPureWhite, VeroWhitePlus, VeroBlackPlus, VeroCyan, VeroMagenta, VeroYellow, VeroBlue and VeroGray. In addition, we have expanded our product line for dental applications with our IORA Model Peach material, which is comparable to the Stratasys VeroDent MED670 and VeroDentPlus MED690. Moreover our rubber-like IORA Model Flex PolyJet material can be used as an alternative for the Agilus30 and TangoPlus to print parts which are robust against twisting, pulling or bending. Our PolyJet products are complemented by our patented support materials, which serve as an alternative to the widely used SUP705 and SUP706 materials by Stratasys. We ship our PolyJet products in plastic bags, which we have integrated into a sturdy and sustainable cardboard case. This product combination can easily be loaded into your Stratasys PolyJet 3D printer without any adjustments. As with our FDM products, we are happy to work together with you directly to provide you with individual colors or material properties, even at smaller batch-sizes. For further details please take a look in the category Photopolymers and your Stratasys 3D printer type.


Stereolithography – SLA


In addition to FDM and PolyJet materials, we offer SLA materials of DSM Somos and service for your SLA printer of 3D Systems. Stereolithography is particularly suitable for the production of parts with very high demands on accuracy, detailing and surface quality. Please contact us for expert advice on this innovative technology.


Repair and maintenance service for Stratasys printers and SLA printers


If your printer breaks down or if it needs maintenance from time to time, we’ve got you covered. Our highly experienced in-house technicians are happy to assist you via phone, mail or on-site with professional repair- and maintenance services for your Stratasys 3D printer. All our technicians have multiple years of experience with Stratasys printers and know the ins and outs of these machines very well. If you are interested, our experts will be happy to assist you with any technical questions you may have.


Print Service


We offer a professional print service without intermediary companies. For this we use our own developed and produced materials for Stratasys 3D printers. Mainly we apply the printing technologies FDM and PolyJet of the world market leader Stratasys to produce your desired components. On request, we are also happy to offer other printing processes such as SLA, SLS or SLM as well as various post-processing methods.


Unlocking and Upgrade Service

Get access to all available material licenses for your Stratasys Fortus printer through our Unlocking Service. We'll unlock the licenses you need at an unbeatable price, so you can take advantage of more material options for your print parts.

We also offer the following machine upgrades:


Refurbished 3D printers


If you are interested in buying or selling a used Stratasys 3D printer, we will be happy to advise you. You can find a selection of fully refurbished, low-cost Stratasys 3D printers with all relevant data under the category Refurbished Printers. After iSQUARED has purchased a used Stratasys 3D printer, our skilled service technicians will perform a complete maintenance, ensuring that the printer is in perfect condition. All our used machines come with a warranty of six months.


Spare parts


In addition to the development and production of reliable and affordable FDM and PolyJet material alternatives, our concept includes the development of our own high-quality and process-relevant spare parts for Stratasys FDM and Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers. Due to our large machine park, we are also able to offer new or refurbished spare parts for Stratasys 3D printers at preferential prices. 



Please contact us! We are pleased to assist you!


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