Financing Options

3D printer financing options


We offer different types of financing options to promote additive manufacturing in your company




With our Pay-As-You-Print offer, you receive a Stratasys 3D printer that you can choose yourself from our range. We will be pleased to advise you in order to select the right 3D printer for your requirements. There are no initial costs for the printer. You only pay a previously agreed price on a previously agreed quantity of material.

Your benefits:

No initial costs as well as full planning and cost security. iSQUARED takes over all services for the Stratasys 3D printer free of charge, as well as, installation and initial training. Machine breakdowns are significantly reduced by annual maintenance of the FDM or PolyJet 3D printers. However, should there be a defect, our service experts will fix it quickly and without much bureaucracy.




Together we will find out which Stratasys 3D printer best suits your requirements and desires. You will then receive a suitable model from our 3D printer range for the previously agreed leasing period. Our printer range includes a wide selection of Stratasys 3D printers – from entry-level models to industrial production machines.

Your benefits:

Adapt flexibly to technological changes with our leasing offer which creates liquidity leeway and tax advantages. Key figures defined from the beginning, such as the term, the number of leasing rates and their amount, also increase your planning security.




With the Lease-Purchase option we would like to offer our customers another financing option for acquiring a high-quality 3D printer. With this option, you pay rent for the 3D printer over a pre-agreed period of time. At the end of the rental period, the printer becomes your property. In contrast to leasing, there are no term restrictions with the Lease-Purchase option, so you can act flexibly here.

Your benefits:

By splitting the costs into rental rates and offsetting them against the purchase price, you can finance your own high-quality 3D printer without reducing your equity capital. The total costs are spread over a longer period of time.







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