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iSQUARED Soft Cleaner - Equipment for PolyJet 3D Printers


For the automatic cleaning of 3D-printed PolyJet components
especially for dental applications

Save valuable time during the post-processing of 3D printed components with the iSQUARED Soft Cleaner.

A rotating drum with integrated cold water jet gently removes the support material from your PolyJet component. With the help of a regulator, you can individually adjust the pressure of the water jet so your component won't be damaged. This makes the iSQUARED Soft Cleaner also suitable for cleaning delicate components, e.g. used in the dental industry. 

Compact, practical and easy to use: Install the iSQUARED Soft Cleaner near a sink and connect it to the water supply. Place the component to be cleaned in the drum and press the START button. After a 1-15 minute cleaning cycle, the model is completely cleaned.


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iSQUARED JET - Equipment for PolyJet 3D Printers


Precise cleaning of 3D-printed PolyJet components made of water-soluble support material

Due to a precise water jet, the iSQUARED JET cleaning device is especially suitable for cleaning small holes, cavities and inaccessible areas of 3D printed PolyJet parts.

The pressure regulator allows the operator to adjust the water jet strength according to the complexity and strength of the printed part so it won't be damaged.

Convenient, compact and easy to use: Simply connect the unit to the water supply and place it near a drain to convey wastewater containing the detached material. Place the component to be cleaned in the device and process your print part with the water jet until it is completely cleaned.



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